Tongguan kiln pottery: hardworking character of Hunan crafters

Updated:2018-05-07 14:41:51


  Hunan Tongguan kiln,also called the Changsha Kiln, is located in Tongguan Subdistrict, Changsha, Hunan, China. It is one of the major kiln sites in Tongguan to be protected at the national level. The place was a historical kiln site of potteries in the Tang (618–907 AD) and Five Dynasties periods (907–960 AD).


  Clay figure Mr. Liu Kunting: Inheritor of Tongguan kiln pottery in firewoood firing technology.


  Features of Tongguan kiln: One-time forming of clay casting; unglazed but flame coloring; very long firing time; clayware fired with firewood makes clayware look more bright and smooth.