Replica of Aiwan Pavilion to be shipped to St. Paul from Changsha

Updated:2018-05-07 16:56:22


  ‘Peanuts’ statues were constructed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the sister-city relationship between St. Paul and Changsha in 2018. Furthermore, the sister-park relationship between Yanghu Wetland Park and Phalen Regional Park in St. Paul was established in 2015.


  On the moring of May 3, Xiangjiang Pavilion presented by Yanghu Wetland Park to Phalen Regional Park was unveiled in Changsha and will be shipped to St. Paul city.

即将漂洋过海的“湘江亭”(25英尺X 25英尺)。“湘江亭”将与周边的曲径、月亮门及拱门、花木、山石等组成独特的中式花园,以此来展示湖湘乃至中国的传统文化和价值观。

  Xiangjiang Pavilion, will form a unique Chinese-style garden together with surrounding paths, arches, grass, trees, stones, etc. to reveal traditional Hunan and Chinese cultural values.


  Model of Xiangjiang Pavilion: Aiwan Pavilion in Yuelu Academy of Changsha.