Hunan Cultural relics restorer born in 1980s

Updated:2018-05-08 11:01:15


  Hunan Cultural relics restorer born in 1980s


  Liu Zhou, born in 1980s of Hunan province, China, is dedicated to restoring repair of cultural relics that cannot be noticed in naked eyes.


  How to cultivate inheritors: Liu recruits 30 learners every year. Every learner has a jigsaw picture formed by 3,000 pieces. Liu mixes their total 90,000 pieces of jigsaw pictures together and asks each learner to find out and restore their own pictures completely. Finally, there would be three or five learners sticking to the last. Then Liu assesses their characters, patience and meticulous quality, and teaches them how to restore each kind of cultural relics gradually.

  匠心语录(Liu’s genuine remarks):


  Each article of cultural relics will never go back if its restoration fails for the first time.


  In the whole process of cultural relics restoration, the most troublesome thing is not preliminary tedious process, but how to make the final restoring process look flawless.


  A cultural relics restorer may be a perfectionist who will try every means to restore all cultural relics to a very delicate degree. This is where his/her passion lies.


  Each article of cultural relics not only presents old and new appearance, but also carries historical stories it ever experienced.


  The ultimate purpose of cultural relics restoration is to prolong life span of cultural relics. Although we can abandon many tiny fragments and restore them with new materials, each tiny fragment also carries historical affection it ever experienced. Thus every time we restore cultural relics and lose a tiny detail, it will turn into a new fragment. As long as the old fragments can be preserved, we should try best to restore them.