Hunan's tallest building opens to the public

Source:China Daily
Updated:2018-05-14 09:42:35

Hunan's tallest building opens to the public

Changsha IFS holds its grand opening ceremony on May 7. [Photo by Li Longfei/]

  The Changsha International Financial Center (Changsha IFS), Hunan province's tallest building, held a grand opening ceremony on May 7.

  Receiving over 20 billion yuan ($3.14 billion) in investment from Hong Kong Wharf (Holdings) Limited, Changsha IFS is the group's largest and most expensive project, and also occupies the most commercial space (250,000 sq m). It took seven years to build, and the building has an area of up to 1 million sq m. It has become a new retail business landmark of Central China.

Hunan's tallest building opens to the public

Crowds of people witness the grand opening of the Changsha IFS on May 7. [Photo by Li Longfei/]

  The main building is 452 m tall and has 95 floors. It is 100 m taller than even the Yuelu Mountain, a 5A National Tourist Attraction in Changsha. As a large-scale urban complex located at the core area of the Furong Central Business District, Changsha IFS will satisfy nearly all consumer demands, serving as a shopping mall, Grade A office building, and international five-star hotel.

  The IFS includes nearly 400 stores, and it has brought around 70 brands to Hunan for the first time, including Hermes, Dior, PRADA, VALENTINO, Saint Laurent, Moncler, and JIMMY CHOO. Twenty international brands have even opened their first stores in Central China.

  According to Li Yufang, vice chairman of Wharf Holdings, the development model and scale of the Changsha IFS have been regarded as top priorities for the group's strategic deployment. Wharf Holdings considers it an honor to offer one-stop top services to consumers in Changsha, capital of Hunan province.

  Changsha Mayor Hu Zhongxiong announced that the Changsha IFS will become a new landmark among the city's urban architecture, a new benchmark of commercial real estate, and a new platform for high-end services in Central China. Local government should offer comprehensive services and investment resources to create a world-class business environment and achieve win-win cooperation.

Hunan's tallest building opens to the public

Night view of Changsha IFS [Photo by Guo Liliang/]