Hunan Teenager Wins Gold Medal at Concours Lépine International Paris

Updated:2018-05-14 10:00:23

  On May 9, it was learned from the Hunan Association of Inventions that Hunan won one gold, two silvers, eight bronzes, and two Lepine awards at the Concours Lépine International Paris 2018, an annual international innovation competition held in Paris, France between April 27 and May 8.

  Inventions from Hunan students shone at the event. Many visitors and judges were amazed at their rich imagination and creativity.

  "Hunan youngsters have been encouraged to be bold in innovation, listen to professionals’ advice at international competitions, so as to recognize the latest trends of international science and technology development, and broaden their horizons. This will lay a solid foundation for their future growth," said Sun Zhiming, Hunan delegation leader and dean of the Changsha Institute of Educational Science.

  The Concours Lépine International Paris was founded by French Politician and Inventor Louis Lépine in 1902. Since 1912, it has gradually developed into an international invention competition. The show allowed inventors to sell their own inventions at the booths and do a market study. This year, the competition presents 583 inventions, and among them. Teenagers’ inventions glamorized the event.

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