Duanwu Festival celebration in Hunan

Updated:2018-06-19 10:20:57

Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) falls on June 18 in China to show sacrifice to Chinese historical figures like Qu Yuan and keep good health in hot summer.

Dragon boat racing in Dao county, Hunan.

Residents are purchasing traditional Chinese medicine herbs in Jianghua county, Hunan.

°°°°In Hunan province, making Zongzi, dragon boat racing, hanging mugwort/calamus on the door and cooking fried chicken/duck with gingers are the most common customs. Wearing sachets filled with traditional Chinese medicine herbs and washing medicated bath for kids is also popular.

°°°°Since Duanwu Festival is a day of sacrifice to Chinese historical figures Qu Yuan, Wu Zixun, Cao E, etc., "Wish you good health at Duanwu Festival" is better than "Happy Duanwu Festival".