Hunan pharmaceutical enterprise’s business opportunity from Ethiopia

Updated:2018-06-29 11:48:34

  Benefited from the Belt and Road Initiative, Truking Technology Limited in Ningxiang Economic-technical Development Zone of Hunan province, China received business orders from Ethiopia and was highly praised by Vice Prime Minister of Ethiopia for its pharmaceutical project support.

Truking Technology Limited, a Chinese leading enterprise in pharmaceutical & medical equipment industry, provides a total solution on small-volume injection solution for Sansheng Pharmaceutical P.L.C.’s pharmaceutical project in Ethiopia Eastern Industry Zone.

Its full-automatic continuous production of ampoule bottle can reach 1,000 bottles/minute, much higher than their international counterparts.

On the inauguration of Phase I Sansheng Pharmaceutical P.L.C in Ethiopia Eastern Industry Zone June 10, 2018, Vice Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnenof Ethiopia highly praised the pharmaceutical production and operation system mainly contributed by engineers of Truking Technology Limited.

  Link: 楚天科技服务埃塞俄比亚医药项目 获该国副总理点赞