Hunan Exports to Russia Increased by 170% in the First Five Months

Updated:2018-07-03 09:50:09

  The imports and exports of Hunan Province to Russia reached 3.37 billion CNY between January and May this year, an increase of 140% over the same period of last year. The statistics was released by the Changsha Customs recently.

  In the first five months of this year, Hunan exported 2.73 billion CNY to Russia, grew by 170%. It also imported 630 million CNY from Russia, an increase of 65.8%.

  Mink clothing and scarves are major export commodities, and manganese product exports doubled. Between January and May, the province exported 1.48 billion CNY of mink clothing to Russia, up by 260%. The exported mink scarf was 380 million CNY, an increase of 12 times. The above two types of products accounted for 68.3% of the total exports. In addition, exports of primary manganese-containing ore products such as electrolytic manganese metal flakes and manganese metal totaled 89.50 million CNY, an increase of 120%.

  Shaoyang contributes the most of the province’s trade with Russia. In the first five months of this year, Shaoyang’s trade with Russia was 1.56 billion CNY, grew by 257%. The value was all made by export, accounting for 46.3% of the total. Loudi witnessed rapid growth in exports to Russia since the beginning of this year. In the first five months, it exported 350 million CNY to Russia, an increase of 43.8 times.