2018 FIFA World Cup carnival at Changsha Meixi Plaza

Updated:2018-07-04 10:43:22

July 6-8: 2018 FIFA World Cup carnival at Meixi Plaza, Better Life Mall, Changsha

  Organizer: Rednet.cn


The world famous DJ Quentin Mosimann show on July 6

Chinese singer Vivi Jiang Yingrong show on July 7

Big screen for live broadcast of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia’squarter final & Makeup for soccer fans, soccer guessing games, etc.

Outdoor swimming pool (100 square meters) for you and Bikini football girls show

Real model claw machine for you

Budweiser beer, barbecue, spicy snacks for you

Rescue aircraft on the spot

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Link:百威世界杯嘉年华亮点纷呈 哪项更能俘获你的心?