Hunan Completes 5,012 Kilometers of Rural Cement Roads

Updated:2018-08-08 14:06:25

  It is one of the 12 key projects concerning the people’s livelihood improvement to build 20,000 kilometers of cement (asphalt) roads and renovate 8,000 kilometers of rural roads in Hunan villages. The Hunan Provincial Department of Transportation announced on August 6 that, as of the end of July, 5,012 kilometers of cement roads have been completed in villages, and 3,696 kilometers of rural roads upgraded. The overall construction project has progressed smoothly.

  As of this July, in accordance with the arrangements of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, the provincial transportation department has modified the road construction work mode, and adopted a unified construction mode. Specifically, municipal and prefectural governments have established unified bidding, contract signing, construction standards, and construction supervision. Subcontracting is not allowed.

  Currently, all the construction enterprises selected by 13 cities and one prefecture in Hunan Province, through bidding have the qualifications of the second-level or above general contracting for highway engineering construction. Most are qualified for first-class general highway engineering construction contracting. The highly qualified construction teams have effectively promoted the quality, safety, and progress of the comprehensive highway construction. Pavement construction has been fully carried out.

  According to the plan, by the end of September, the overall road construction will complete road mileage of more than 12,000 kilometers, and roadbed construction will be completed.