Guinea Bissau President Jose Mario Vaz visits Hunan

Updated:2018-09-02 15:34:51

Du Jiahao,CPC Hunan Provincial Committeesecretary and director of the Standing Committee of Hunan People's Congress and Xu Dazhe,CPC Hunan Provincial Committee deputy secretary and Hunan governor met with Guinea Bissau President Jose Mario Vaz in Changsha, Hunan on August 31.

  Guinea Bissau President Jose Mario Vaz expected to strengthen cooperation in economic trade, tourism and agriculture, especially in rice planting fields.

  Hunan province will actively encourage enterprises and agricultural technology experts to Guinea Bissau for investment and rice planting technology cooperation.

  Link: 几内亚比绍总统若泽·马里奥·瓦斯访湘 杜家毫许达哲会见