Changsha Public Security opens 24-hour Alarm Service on Wechat

Updated:2018-09-11 11:28:40

  Changsha Public Security opens Alarm Service on Wechat on September 10

You can send texts, voices, pictures, 20-second videos and live video in time of crisis to Changsha Public Security via Wechat APP. The police will know your position through your system localization and improve efficiency of alarm receival and disposal.

  Serve for target users: 1. Fail to describe crime scenes 2. Inadvisable to alert the suspect 3. Unclear about your position 4. With language barrier.

Access to the Wechat alarm APP:

  1. Follow Wechat official account“长沙公安便民服务桥”;

  2. Search“长沙公安报警”through Wechat applet;

  3. Scan QR code“长沙公安”.

  Link: 这个微信号可一键报警!24小时在线受理警情