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Changsha airport construction project

Updated:2014-08-06 15:07:02

  Changsha airport construction project


  Updated: 2014-08-04

  The airport has 95 air routes, 13 of them international, and has handled 10 million passengers, making it one of the biggest airports in central China. It is expected to be able to handle 34.5 million travelers by 2020, along with 400,000 tons of freight, and 70 planes at peak periods, and, by 2040, 73.5 million travelers, 1.49 million tons of freight, and 125 planes at peak periods.

  It will have four runways to gradually change it into a major traffic artery for central and southern China, an international airport, and a large enterprise center.

  It has a city growing around it to the east of Changsha, with the Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone next door, and good transportation, with the Changsha-Zhuzhou Highway to the west, an airport lane to the south, and Changsha-Yong’an Highway to the north, on a 31-sq–km area, and the Changzhutan urban light rail and Changsha subway line underway.

  The airport city is expected to attract headquarters, top hotels, commercial real estate, logistics centers, e-information and aviation manufacturing to provide a modern service center, by taking advantage of its resources for production, consumer activities, manufacturing, and high-tech industries.

  The project will cost around 19.2 billion yuan and the business planning work is completed, with preparations for management, a Renmin Rd extension, an S207 extension, and electric power, communications, and sewage systems underway.

  The project has the help of favorable local government policies, Changsha county policies on modern services, and Hunan government policies on commercial aviation and international aviation, with sole proprietorship and joint capital agreements available.

  Project manager: Airport city management, Changsha county

  Address: Education Bureau, 159 North Tianhua Rd, Xingsha district

  Postcode: 410100

  Contact: Cao Jianghui

  Tel: +86(731)8407-9181, 138-7489-9150

  Fax: +86(731)8407-9175