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Changsha Maglev Line Completes Investment over 490 Million Yuan

Updated:2014-11-21 14:44:39

  On Nov.19, Vice Governor of Hunan Province Zhang Jianfei conducted a field survey on Changsha Maglev Line and was briefed on its construction progress. The project had completed investment of more than 493.55 million yuan, accounting for 11% of the total investment. Its civil engineering construction is being comprehensively carried out.

  Connecting Changsha South Railway Station with Changsha Huanghua International Airport Terminal, Changsha Maglev Line stretches as long as 18.55 kilometers with the design speed of 100 km/h. Zhang Jianfei walked along the main line to learn about the construction progress of the controlling projects such as the line across Liuyang River Extra-Large Bridge and the station built at Huanghua International Airport. It was introduced that the project was started on May. 16, 2014, and the whole 2,872 bridge pile foundations of the main line (excluding the stations) have been completed three quarters and are estimated to be finished by the end of this month. The construction of its cushion caps and pier shafts also run smooth. As planned, the project is striving to lay tracks next July and to assemble and debug the first train next September when it comes to the maglev line.