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Guidong: many good places for free visiting

Updated:2015-05-05 16:14:27


   Pingru highway resembles a thread putting through beautiful places like pearls in eastern Hunan, which are elegant micro-environment reminding red revolution history of China. No cynicism, no noise, it is a fast way to arrival and a slow and elegant visiting for you here.  

  Guidong County (simplified Chinese: 桂东县) is under the administration of Chenzhou, Hunan province, China. The easternmost county-level division of Chenzhou City, it borders the prefecture-level cities of Zhuzhou to the north, and Ji’an and Ganzhou (both Jiangxi) to the east.Guidong County has 15 towns, one national park and one forest, with residents of Han majority and Yao and She minorities.

  雨后绿得发亮的茶树,一溜儿铺了整座山。山风时而捎来几缕采茶人的谈笑,三两只擒着高枝的鸟儿愣了一愣,扇了扇翅膀却懒得飞走。这里祥和得连云都是淡淡青色,匍匐在天边。   对桂东来说,这样美妙的场景只是日常。而说到这个大量美景免费开放的地方,不得不提起几件“小事”

  After the rain, tea trees seem being greener over the whole mountain. Breeze brings tea workers’ words and laughers; birds are staying on the branches of trees under the clear sky and white cloud. It is the everyday picture in Guidong. Moreover, it comes to natural that most of places and parks are free here.

(八面山风光。Views of Bamian Mountain)

(山间采茶。Picking tea leaves )

(板凳龙。Bandeng dragon(a small dragon) dance of local residents'.)

(在桂东清泉镇,人们把南瓜花、苦瓜、酒酿泡椒等制成了茶点 Bitter melon, pumpkin flowers pickled peppers are refreshments in Qingquan Town of Guidong County)

(万洋山相思牧场 Xiangsi Farm of Wanyang Mountain. )

(邓力群故居 Old residence of Deng liqun)

(第一军规广场。Plaza of First Army Regulation )

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  第一军规广场 (沿平汝高速在沙田出口下,抵达沙田镇。)

  聚龙居 (走平汝高速在沙田出口下,沿106国道往往县城方向到大塘镇东坡村。)

  大塘镇东坡村 (走平汝高速在沙田出口下,沿106国道往往县城方向到大塘镇东坡村。)

  Bamian Mountain (Shatian Exit of Pingru highway ,and turn left of one hour’s ride , at the arrival of Bamian Mountain village )

  Plaza of First Army Regulation   (Shatian Exit of Pingru highway, Shatian Town )

  Memorial Plaza of Long March of Red Amary (Shatian Exit of Pingru highway, Shatian Town )

  Elite home (Shatian Exit of Pingru highway, along No. 106 national highway to Dongpo village of Datang Town. )

  Dongpo village of Datang Town (Shatian Exit of Pingru highway, along No. 106 national highway to Dongpo village of Datang Town. )