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Miao people bless new year by performing Firework Dragon Dance

Updated:2016-02-03 16:34:31

Rednet (Jishou): Firework Dragon Dance started for celebrating Chinese new year in MAjingao of Jishou city, Hunan province, at 19 o’clock of February 2.

Firework Dragon Dance is a praying performance of Xiangxi Miao minority for the good weather and grain harvest in sacrificing ceremony, which is traditional ceremonies of more than 300 years of history. It has already been a part of life of local people. The dragon is carried by 44 topless young men dancing in fireworks flickering, which is a traditional hand-made firework made of saltpetre, sulfur, and charcoal or alcohol raw material mix into bamboo tubes with appropriate proportion.

Original link: 湘西苗民“钢火烧龙”祭祀迎新年 “烧”出来年风调雨顺