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Zhang Kewei: influential figure in Hunan wine industry

Editor:李莎宁 实习编辑 张焕勤
Updated:2016-07-14 15:29:01

Mr. Zhang Kewei, president of Xiangjiao Wine Industry 

Zhang Kewei is an influential figure in Hunan wine industry. In May 2016, he took up the post of president of Hunan Xiangjiao Wine Industry Co., Ltd.

He set up Hunan’s largest scale wine store Xuanyuan Jiu Ku and initiated Hunan Vintners Alliance. As chairman of Changsha Research Society of Wine Industry, he has devoted to ecological wine industry building and local liquor brands development.

Transforming from a distrituor to a production and marketing president, Zhang Kewei believes that his mission of sharing and publicizing wine culture never changes.

In this August, Zhang Kewei will promote the new liquor product Xiao Zuan.

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