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Hunan's first fireworks online trading platform launched

Updated:2016-08-09 14:53:37

Rednet (Shaoyang): On August 8, Hunan’s first fireworks and crackers online trading platform, namely, Liuyang Firworks E-shop was launched. By the means of capital operation and Internet plus O2M, Liuyang Firworks E-shop aims to build a terminal marketing pattern providing professional service and marketing operation.

Consumers can select fireworks and crackers products and place orders at any purchasing agent’s outlets. Once the order is confirmed, the selected products will be delivered to consumers from the warehouse.

红网邵阳8月8日讯(时刻新闻记者 肖懿)今天,湖南首个烟花爆竹网上交易平台—浏阳烟花易购上线,通过资本运作与互联网+O2M的手段,打造专业化服务和市场化运作的烟花终端销售模式。消费者有需求可到各代购点下单,选择需求的烟花爆竹产品,订单生成后,再由烟花爆竹仓库发货配送至消费者手中。