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Yongding Area in Zhangjiajie City: enchanting flowers

Updated:2016-08-23 10:57:34

 Zinnia flowers and galsang flowers are in blossom.

 Tourists take photos in the hundred acre of blossoms .

 Romantic themed elements in the exhibition.

 Flowers are in blossom.

Rednet (Yongding): Even under the scorching Sun, the flowers of Longtangang still attracted tourists for taking photos in Taijitu Village in Yongding Area of Zhangjiajie City,Hunan Province, on August 20.

Original link: 张家界市永定区:爱情主题式花海“醉”游人(图)

  红网永定站8月23日讯(分站记者 谢丽琼) 8月20日,湖南省张家界市永定区尹家溪镇太极图村龙潭岗花海对外开放,虽然烈日高温,但仍吸引众多游人前来观赏拍照留影。