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Hunan traffic workers ensure safe smooth traffic

Updated:2016-10-08 14:22:20



  The photo shows that volunteers at Changsha Toll Station are providing service for drivers and passengers.


  The photo shows that on the first day of National Day, local workers of Changsha Marine Board are carrying out monitoring in the control room.


  The photo shows that at Changsha western bus station, a staff at the front desk is patiently explaining to passengers.


  The photo shows on October 1, Lanshan Squadron highway administrative staff of Hunan Highway Administration (Yongzhou Branch), together with workers of Nanfeng’ao Overload Control Station, push the fault vehicle out from Lanshan Toll Station.


  The photo shows that the worker Fang Baotian from Dajing maintenance station, Yueyang Branch, Hunan Highway Administration, is clearing the rubbish.


  Rednet (Changsha): During October 1-7, 43,052 passenger cars are put into Hunan daily road transport and 15.06 million passengers are transported; 851 ships are put into waterway transport and 275,700 passengers are transported. In a word, Hunan traffic workers ensure the overall stable traffic operating during National Day holiday with their great efforts.

  Original link: 湖南交通人坚守岗位 确保国庆黄金周安全畅通

  红网长沙10月7日讯(时刻新闻记者 谢娟 见习记者 李海波)10月1日至7日,湖南省道路运输日均投放客车43052辆,累计完成旅客运输量1506万人;全省水路运输日均投放船舶851艘,累计完成旅客运输量27.57万人。全体交通人用辛勤和汗水,竭诚为大众出行保安保畅,确保了“黄金周”全省交通安全形势的总体平稳。