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Shazhou Village: A place of three colors

Updated:2017-01-17 15:31:31

郴州沙洲村内景 A view of Shazhou Village

郴州沙洲村村内一隅 A corner of Shazhou Village in Chenzhou City

沙洲的传统手工豆腐更是让人回味无穷,新鲜出炉的豆腐配上农地里割出的二两白菜,就能炒出世间的绝妙美味。图为正在制作豆腐。Traditionally hand-made tofu of Shazhou Village is unique, especially as in a dish made of fresh tofu with cabbages which is greatly delicious.

村内的山林古木参天且长在石缝中,更是给这里添了几许神秘色彩。 Trees growing in the cracks of stone add certain mystery to Shazhou Village.

村里打造了水果种植和反季节蔬菜作为支柱产业。 Fruits and vegetables out of seasons become the pillar industry of Shazhou Village.


  Shazhou Village is the west gate of Rucheng County in Hunan Province. Eighty years ago,a team of Red Army stayed here with a moving story of"half-quilt"as the representation of the army and the people as close to each other as fish and water.


  More than 80 years later, a "half-quilt" story makes the village of Yao ethnic village well-known across China. It is also the hometown of Chinese plums, an ancient village of Yao ethnic groups in and peace and calm.


  Drove more than 40 kilometers from the Rucheng county, after darts S324 and Xiamen-Chengdu high-speed interchange came to known civilization Yao zu Xiang Sha Chau village, Rucheng, CHENZHOU, Hunan province. Here are tourists entered the Rucheng, CHENZHOU, Changsha, travel through the peninsula.


  Shazhou village has the great historical attraction from every corner. Dark-color walls, richly ornamented. Various paintings, wood carvings, stone carvings, brick carvings and splended and colorful roofs. The Architectures are elegance by using local materials; from modern perspective, Shazhou Village is eco-friendly place made by talented local people.


  Shazhou Village has a long history and abundant heritages. There are many temples, dwellings, houses, bridges, wells and ancient roadways; among natural landscape, these buildings are appealing parts of the nature.


  Even in winter, one can also the fragrance flowers and fruits in Shazhou Village. Shazhou Village was a typical poor village, but now it became a well-known "fruit paradise" . Fruits and vegetables out of seasons become the pillar industry of Shazhou Village, and the planning and the construction of ecologically agricultural industry will be greatly productive in four seasons.People say villagers will have great chance of having most fruits continuously all year round.


  Shazhou Village have three colors:ancient styles of heritages and traditional customs of the Yao ethnic groups ; ecological green industry; red tourism for regional economic development.

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