Knowing All about Hunan

Passenger Return Peak Surges to New High

Updated:2017-02-13 11:54:38

  The Guangzhou Railway Group Corporation announced on February 6, that during the Spring Festival travel period from January 28 to February 6, the overall passenger volume at Hunan’s 18 high-speed railway stations hit a record of 1.95 million, 14% higher than that of the last year.

  Passenger flow from Changsha, Huaihua, and Hengyang towards Guangzhou and Shenzhen surged after Spring Festival holiday. It was estimated that in February 7, Hunan high-speed railway would handle 200,000 passengers in total, respectively 96,000 in Changsha South Railway Station, up 15%; 20,000 in Huaihua South Railway Station, up 26%; and 16,000 in Hengyang East Railway Station, up 23% year on year.

  Hunan continued to add passenger-dedicated trains to meet the ever-increasing needs. Fifteen trains, including two operated at night, would be added towards Guangdong, and east and north China.