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100 Projects to Be Issued at Hunan (Hong Kong) Investment &Trade Conference Week 2017

Updated:2017-04-11 10:58:31

  The Hunan (Hong Kong) Investment &Trade Conference Week 2017 will be held in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta at the same time from April 25 to 29, 2017. Hunan’s 100 promotion projects featuring new emerging industrial advantages will be released during the week, according to the Hunan Economic and Information Technology Commission on April 4, 2017.

  “Comprehensive investment and giant investors are highlights of the event”. The 100 industrial projects include eight ones with a total investment of 10 billion yuan each, ten of 5 billion yuan, and twenty of 2 billion yuan. There are three major programs valued over 20 billion yuan, namely, Food and Medicine Industry Base of Xiangtan Tianyi Demonstration Area, General Aviation Industrial Park of Shaoyang Economic Development Zone, and Smart Appliances Industrial Park of Ningxiang Economic Development Zone.

  Hunan’s characteristic and outstanding manufacturing industry will be highlighted. For instance, there will be three projects concerning rail transit (including maglev) equipment manufacturing industrial chains, aiming to build a world-class rail transportation industry cluster. 35 to be released programs will be related to such industrial chains of characteristics and advantages as engineering machinery and auto parts, advanced energy storage materials and electric vehicles, IGBT high-power devices, and traditional Chinese medicine industry.

  Prominence will be given to emerging industries. 33 projects based on the carbon radical new materials, advanced ceramic materials, new energy equipment, artificial intelligence and sensors, autonomous controllable computer and information security, aerospace (including the Beidou system), assembly-style buildings, and 3D printing robots will be promoted at the Week 2017, to cultivate the new growth point for the province's industrial economy.

  Great attentions will be paid in international cooperation. The Ethiopian-Hunan Equipment Manufacturing Cooperative Park is one of the achievements of the Hunan Provincial Government and the Ethiopian Government collaboration. It is also Hunan’s first provincial-level model development zone promoted in Africa. In order to explore the new “go-global” model for Chinese industrial parks, the Hunan Economic and Information Technology Commission has taken the project as the top priority. It is expected to attract more industrial enterprises to seek fortunes overseas together and deepen international cooperation in production capacity.