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CCSC Ceramics Sub-committee Annual Conference Kicks off

Updated:2017-09-29 15:57:41

Visitors watch the ceramic art works at the 2017 China (Liling) International Ceramics Expo on Sept. 28, 2017. (Photo/Tong Di)

  The 2017 Chinese Ceramic Society Ceramics (CCSC) Ceramics Sub-committee held its annual academic conference in Liling on Sept. 27, 2017. Nearly 200 experts and scholars from seven ceramics committees and ceramics journal editorial boards participated. They exchanged views and gave suggestions on the Liling ceramic industry development. This academic event was a highlight of the 2017 China (Liling) International Ceramics Expo.

  Themed on "Theoretical Innovation Drives Innovative Practices", the conference gave advice to China’s ceramic industry in implementing the national "Belt and Road" Initiative and the "Made in China 2025" Plan. It was aimed to promote supply side structural reform and innovation and upgrading of ceramic industry under the new normal, so as to achieve a sustainable and healthy development.