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Hunan Library Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

Updated:2017-10-09 15:15:57

The Hunan Library holds a themed cultural gala to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival on the evening of Sept. 30, 2017. (Photo/Long Teng)

A fashion show of traditional costumes.

Master Shi Peng and Ms. Cao Qin chant in local dialect.

Numerous audiences are attracted by the performances.

  On the evening of Sept. 30, a Mid-Autumn Festival cultural gala was staged at Hunan Library. It was themed traditional culture and patriotism. More than 200 readers enjoyed a wonderful night with Hunan characteristics.

  The event was organized by Hunan Library. Themed with "Mid-Autumn Festival in Xiaoxiang (Hunan)", it consisted of several parts, such as "Millennium Tongguan Kiln", "Fashion Show in Moonlight", "Chanting for the Moon", "Splendid Xiaoxiang", and "Happy Reunion".