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Hunan Cultural and Creative Industry Hits 100 Bln in First Half

Updated:2017-10-17 10:37:00

  The Hunan Statistics Bureau announced that Hunan’s cultural and creative industry achieved an estimated added value of 101.8 billion yuan in the first half of 2017, its first half-year record exceeding 100 billion yuan. It has become a pillar industry in Hunan Province.

  On Oct. 9, a press conference was held in Changsha, briefing Hunan’s publicity and cultural work achievements over the past five years.

  Hunan established seven provincial think tanks, and coordination mechanism with decision-making departments, and took the lead in selecting the provincial key Marxism research institutions. Hunan has 237 projects supported by National Social Science Foundation, increasing by 32.4% over last year, and ranking among the most in China.

  In recent years, 389 Hunan people were praised as “China’s Moral Models”, 12 as national moral model, and 11 as moral model youth. There are more than 18,000 volunteer organizations with 9.11 million registered volunteers. Four prefecture-level cities won National Civilized City award; 99 villages reputed as National Civilized Villages; 148 departments and units were awarded the title of National Civilized Unit; and, 10 families were praised as National Civilized Family.

  Hunan implemented cultural projects that benefit the people. Broadcast satellite service has reached every household. The public libraries, cultural centers, and museums open to the public free of charge. Culture-aid program has been involved in poverty elimination plan. The first batch of 400 cultural service centers were built in poverty-stricken areas and villages last year, and this year will finish another 1,279 such centers.

  Hunan promoted in-depth integration of culture with other industrial sectors, such as tourism, science and technology, finance, and sports. In 2016, the total output of Hunan’s cultural industry was 584.82 billion yuan, double the amount of 2012. Its added value reached 191.126 billion yuan, an annual increase of 15%, and 6.12% of the total provincial GDP.

  Hunan proactively implemented the national “Belt and Road” Initiative and cultural “going global” strategy. A series of cultural exchange activities were held, including Hunan Cultural Expo in Thailand, France, and Finland; “Cultures of China, Festival of Spring” Overseas Chinese Spring Festival Gala; “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Student.

  Cultural trade expanded rapidly. In 2016, Hunan’s cultural product imports and exports reached a total volume of 1.326 billion USD, increasing by 82.9% year on year. In the first half of 2017, the volume hit 767 million USD, an increase of 64.1%.