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Tianxin Exhibition Center of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Updated:2017-10-18 10:08:23


  Changsha Tianxin Exhibition Center of Intangible Cultural Heritage is located at Taiping Street of Changsha City.


  The exhibition center organizes the handcraft classes for making lever scales.


  Wangcheng Shadow show is shown on the second floor of the exhibition center.


  Changsha Tianxin Exhibition Center of Intangible Cultural Heritage (hereinafter referred to as "exhibition Center"), is a public open unit for exhibition of Intangible cultural heritage built by the Changsha Tianxin District Committee,supported by Tianxin District government fund-raising project, managed by Tianxin District Culture Bureau. Ocuppied the area of 760 square meters, it was officially opened in operation on December 29, 2016.


  The exhibition center shows 17 intangible cultural heritages embodying the history of Changsha city, such as the ancient embroidery of Chu dynasty in the mawangdui unearthed of the Han tombs. It tells the long history of Xiang embroidery.

  自开馆之日起,展示中心每天人流如织。 节假日期间,每天参观最高达2000人次以上。

  Since the opening day, the exhibition center has 2000 daily visitors during holidays.