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19 enterprises of CETZ each has 10 bln Yuan of annual value

Updated:2017-10-18 10:59:13

铁建重工生产的高端地下装备。The high-end underground equipments produced by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry.


  GAC Mitsubishi performance is the most eye-catching one according to the Express data of September sales and Marketing submitted by Guangzhou Auto Group, October 10.

  After a brief fall in July and August,Mitsubishi sales surged over 10,000 vehicles per month during the season of the "Golden September" , which is a rise of 167% of August.


  GAC Mitsubishi is one of the "three giants" of the automobile industry in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone (CETZ), the automobile industry is one of the three pillar industries in CETZ. Now the automobile industry is gradually becoming the main engines of the development of CETZ.


  In recent years, Changsha has promoted the transformation and upgrading, innovation-driven development, intelligent manufacturing and platform constructions through CETZ. It has been fruitfulwith more than 168 enterprises of large scale and 119 foreign trade enterprises.


  As of the end of 2016,CETZ has a total of more than 168 industrial enterprises. There are 85 enterprises that each of them has the annual output value of 100 million Yuan and 19 enterprises that each of them have the annual output value of 1 billion yuan. There are 31 enterprises in CETZ listed in the world's top 500enterprises.

  Link: 长沙经开区年产值超10亿元企业达19家