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[Open Rising Hunan] First Imported Fresh Flowers Arrived in Hunan Airport

Updated:2017-11-02 17:35:43


  At 07:25 November 1, the number of 3939 fresh flowers plucked from the Netherlands arrived at Changsha Huanghua International Airport. This is the first time for imported fresh flowers at Hunan airport, which not only reduces imported cost, but also further expands freight business category and fosters the development of airport economy.


  Upon fresh flowers’ arrival, the inspection and quarantine personnel at Changsha airport checked conformity of goods and documents, and conducted organic inspection on some rotten flowers carrying polypide.


  The inspection and quarantine personnel observed eucalyptus leaves with bacterial plaque under the microscope.

此次进口的鲜切花包括郁金香、小苍兰、马蹄莲、风铃草、荷兰菊、木绣球、朱顶红、尤加利叶等33个品种、3939枝,总重315公斤。The number of 3939 imported fresh flowers, in 315 kilos, include 33 categories such as tulip, freesia, horseshoes, bluebells, Dutch chrysanthemum, viburnum macrocephalum, barbadoslily, eucalyptus leaf, etc.

  Chinese Source: 湖南航空口岸首次进口鲜花 荷兰采摘后直运长沙