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3rd China (Langshan Mountain) Navel Orange Cultural Tourism

Updated:2017-11-15 10:06:00

  The 3rd China (Langshan Mountain) Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival is scheduled to kick off on 24 November, 2017, according to the news released by the CPC Xinning County Committee and the People’s Government of Xinning County on the evening of 9 November, 2017. Tourists and merchants are welcome to visit Langshan Mountain, taste navel orange, experience rural tourism, and watch local performances.

  Xinning County is reputed for its World Natural Heritage Site and national 5A-level scenic area, the Langshan Mountain. It is also one of the top four navel orange export bases in China. At present, the navel orange and tourism industries have become two most competitive and promising industries of Xinning County. These environmentally friendly pillar industries will bring great fortunes to its people.

  It was learnt that the navel orange cultural tourism festival this year aimed at building Xinning County into a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Efforts will be made to promote navel orange and tourist attractions, and organize festive activities to accelerate agriculture-tourism integration and economic and trade cooperation.

  The 10-day festival includes ten major events, such as the opening ceremony, the Langshan Mountain Forum and the 2017 China (Langshan Mountain) Navel Orange Summit Forum, and the launching ceremony of the “Chinese Dream, Langshan Mountain Love” national famous litterateurs visiting Langshan Mountain activity.