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China (Hunan) Red Tourism Cultural Festival 2017 Opens

Updated:2017-11-15 10:11:21

On November 10, the China (Hunan) Red Tourism Cultural Festival 2017 kicked off at Shazhou Village, Wenming Yao Township, Rucheng County.

  The festival, being held for 14 consecutive years, is an important national red tourism brand. It aims to promote red tradition and spirit, enhance the popularity of old revolutionary areas, and lift local residents out of poverty and become better off.

  The festival includes a themed event and six sub-activities. The themed event is the opening ceremony and art performances of the festival. The six sub-activities include a press conference on the festival, a symposium, the 2017 Rucheng County Economic and Trade Fair, the launching ceremony of "Social Poverty Alleviation" and the"Ten Thousand People’s Poverty Alleviation Trip in Rucheng City", the "Red Rucheng, Green Travel" Tour, the China Mountain Outdoor Games, and a series of activities of retracing the Long March.