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Changsha South Railway Station,100% of land saving use

Updated:2017-11-17 11:00:30


  Three-dimensional layout of Changsha South Railway Station saves 100% of area for land saving and intensive use.


  Changsha mode of land saving and intensive use will be promoted nationally; the construction area will drop to 37.92% according to the energy consumption per unit of GDP of the 12th Five-year Plan.


  长沙火车南站按立体式混合布局,从地上到地下共6层,节地率超过100%。长沙晚报记者 邹麟 摄

  The three-dimensional layout of Changsha South Railway Station, shows the total 6 floors from underground floor which saves more than 100% of land.

  长沙晚报讯(记者 陈焕明)到过长沙火车南站的市民都知道,车站分为出站层、站台层、高架候车层三部分;而客运站立体分布共六层,无论公交车、出租车,还是地铁、磁浮,都在车站下方运行,十分方便。


  As every custumer knows,Changsha Railway Station has three layers consisted by a exiting layer, a platform layer and the layer for other transit systems. The three-dimensional distribution center for the terminal custumers has six floors; it connects to buses, taxis, subway or maglev, and these transits are running under the Railway Station, which makes transportation become quite convenient.

  This three-dimensional layout is actually a good land-saving project, that makes the total area of 130,000 square meters of land with the construction of more than 300,000 square meters, and it has over 100% of the ground-cutting rate. Changsha South Railway Station is only one of seven land-saving measures used in the entire Lituo Area in Changsha city, the capital city of Hunan Province. According to "Recommended Catalogs for Land-use Technology and Land-saving Mode" submitted by the Ministry of Land and Resources, Changsha South Railway Station was listed as the first batch in the catalog, and it was successfully selected and popularized nationwide as a typical land-saving mode.

  Link: 火车南站节地率超100% 长沙节约集约用地模式在全国推广