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Tongguan Kiln Made Porcelains from “Batu Hitam” Shipwreck Appraised

Updated:2017-12-12 15:02:48

  The photo above taken at the Tongguan Kiln Site Management Office on December 9, 2017 shows an artifact from the “Batu Hitam” shipwreck. (Photo/He Wei)

  A cultural relic connoisseur conference on the millennium shipwreck “Batu Hitam” vessel was held at the Tongguan Kiln Site Management Office, Changsha on December 9, 2017. The 162 newly-returned ceramic artifacts exported by the ship were ready to accept the appraisal and grading identification from domestic well-known experts.

Background information:
Batu Hitam, a shipwrecked dhow (an ocean-going vessel), was discovered off Belitung Island in the western Java Sea in 1998. A stunning array of rare Tang Dynasty (618–907) artifacts were found on the vessel.