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Changsha to Present Classic Works of Intangible Culture

Updated:2018-02-05 15:48:01

Tantou wooden New Year painting “The Marriage of A Mouse”, one of the cultural relics collected in the British Museum

Huayao costumes

Tantou movable-type printing

  A “Funny New Year” themed Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition opened at Meixi Academy bookstore in Changsha on February 6, 2018.

  A number of representative classic works of intangible culture heritage from Shandong, Guizhou, Hunan, and Hubei were displayed, including New Year paintings, costumes, and movable-type printing. Artists from Beijing were specially invited to make innovative products out of these items.

  The exhibition will display the following items:

  Part 1: New Year paintings

  Part 2: Longhui Huayao costumes (Hunan)

  Part 3: Weifang Yangjiabu wooden New Year paintings (Shandong)

  Part 4: Miao embroidery (Guizhou)

  Part 5: Tujia Brocade “Xi Lan Ka Pu” (Hubei)

  Part 6: Longhui Tantou movable-type printing (Hunan)

  Part 7: Products out of intangible culture heritage (Beijing)