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Aerostat for the security and disaster relief

Updated:2018-02-23 09:33:24


  The small aerostat can stay in the sky for 20 days at a height of 10,000 meters. It can be used as a dual-purpose platform for military and civilian use. It can be used for regional monitoring, emergency communications and coastal warning for military functions. It can be used for environmental monitoring, emergency relief and other fields for civilian fuctions.

  目前浮空器在中国的社会经济发展过程中逐渐发挥着重要的作用, 湖南航天远望科技有限公司作为一家专注于浮空器、无人机等无人装备及相关机电设备研制的高科技制造企业,立志将浮空器打造为“湖南航天的一张名片”。

  At present, the aerostat gradually plays an important role in the social and economic development of China. Hunan Aerospace Yuanwang Science& Technology Limited Company is a high-tech company which is focusing on the manufacturing of lighter-than-air(LTA) aircraft and related electromechanical devices. The products of company cover many fields, such as tethered balloon(aerostat), troposphere airship, etc.