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The largest intelligent digital factory in Asia made by Sany

Updated:2018-02-23 09:33:24



  A AGV in No.18 intelligent digital factory, Changsha

  三一重工长沙产业园18号厂房被称为是“亚洲最大的智能化制造车间”“最聪明的工厂”。 它是国内工程机械行业首个全数字化工厂,厂房规划全面应用数字化工厂仿真技术进行方案设计与验证,大大提高了规划的科学性及布局的合理性。

  The Sany Changsha Industrial Park has an Asia's largest intelligent manufacturing plant. Sany has equipped its Changsha and Shanghai manufacturing bases with highly-advanced digital technologies. Using smart Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Sany is able to efficiently manage factory-floor production.