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Shiniu Village: the sea of Rape Flowers among mountains

Updated:2018-02-26 15:26:04


  Bilingual: to see golden rape flowers in Hunan


  Spring comes again, to go out and smell the flowers!Here we present the beautiful spots in Hunan for seeing rape flowers and the recommended routes. Let's go and enjoy the moment of Spring.

  石牛寨:赏花登山 阅尽春光

  Shiniu Village: the sea of Rape Flowers among mountains 


  Changshou Town as an ancient town of Shiniu Village in Yueyang City of Hunan, is known as the hometown of generals and long life where has golden rape blossoms all over maintains from January to March.The beautiful scenery shows the harmony between man and nature, culture and ecology.


  Rape flowers blossom in most parts of Hunan Province from mid-March to April this year.


  Sight seeing spots: Changshou Town, Shiniu Village National Park, Dufu

  Hall, Pingjiang Museum


  Recommended route: Changsha City, Changsha-Liuyang Highway,Dongyang, Pingru Highway, Anding, S308 Highway, Shiniu Village National Park