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Long picturesque view of golden flowers in Shatian County

Updated:2018-02-26 15:59:37


  Long picturesque view of golden flowers in Shatian County


  Golden terraces of Shatian County in Ningxiang City, Hunan, present the long picturesque view of yellow-green and white stretching tens kilometers. Shatian County is the hometown of famous historical figures as He Shuheng and Xie Juezai. It has rich tourism resources.


  Weishan Mountain is a place that one can not miss in Ningxiang. It reflects the harmony of Zen, highlighting the charm of nature, with the hot springs nearby , it becomes best place for relaxation.


  Sight seeing spots: Shatian Town, Weishan Mountain Hot Springs Villa, Miyin Temple of Weishan Mountain


  Recommended route:Changsha City,Changsha-Changde Highway or Jinzhou Road, Ning Road, roads of Weishan mountain to Huangcai, Shatian Town.