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Let's go and see golden rape flowers in Hunan

Updated:2018-02-26 16:52:16

  双语|春天里:走遍湖南 带你去看灿烂的油菜花

  Bilingual: Let's go and see golden rape flowers in Hunan


  Spring comes again, to go out and smell the flowers!Here we present the beautiful spots in Hunan for seeing rape flowers and the recommended routes. Let's go and enjoy the moment of Spring.

  石牛寨:赏花登山 阅尽春光

  Shiniu Village: the sea of Rape Flowers among mountains


  Changshou Town as an ancient town of Shiniu Village in Yueyang City of Hunan, is known as the hometown of generals and long life where has golden rape blossoms among moutains from January to March. The beautiful scenery shows the harmony between man and nature, culture and ecology.


  Rape flowers bloom in most parts of Hunan Province from mid-March to April this year.


  Sight seeing spots: Changshou Town, Shiniu Village National Park, Dufu Hall, Pingjiang Memorial Hall


  Recommended route: Changsha City, Changsha-Liuyang Highway,Dongyang, Pingru Highway, Anding, S308 Highway, Shiniu Village National Park

  高坪:赏油菜花海 探溶洞奇观

  Gaoping Town:rape flowers and cave wonders


  Golden fields among the mountains of Liuyang City are the most eye-catching scenes in Spring!


  The color of rape blossoms is in most people's childhood memories. It is the pastoral color of happiness. Scarecrows can be seen everywhere with the rape blooming spectacular in the fields.


  One can enjoy the wonderful straw artwork and the unique scenery of the Gufeng Cave of Paoping Town, Zhushuqiao Reservoir and Baiyang Mountain.


  Sight seeing spots: Gaoping Town, Gufeng Cave


  Recommended route: Changsha City, Changsha-Liuyang Highway, Liuyang City, Gaoping Town


  Long picturesque view of golden flowers in Shatian County


  Golden terraces of Shatian County in Ningxiang City, Hunan, present the long picturesque view of yellow-green and white stretching tens kilometers. Shatian County is the hometown of famous historical figures as He Shuheng and Xie Juezai. It has rich tourism resources.


  Weishan Mountain is a place that one can not miss in Ningxiang. It reflects the harmony of Zen, highlighting the charm of nature. With the hot springs nearby , it becomes the best place for relaxation.


  Sight seeing spots: Shatian Town, Weishan Mountain Hot Springs Villa, Miyin Temple of Weishan Mountain


  Recommended route:Changsha City,Changsha-Changde Highway or Jinzhou Road, Ning Road, roads of Weishan mountain to Huangcai, Shatian Town.


  Li County of Changde City

湖南最美油菜花基地,风景美不胜收。One of the most beautiful rape flower bases in Hunan, Li County of Changde City


  Recommded route: Erlianhaote-Guangzhou Highway, No. 302 Provincial Highwa


  Xuanzhou Town of Hengshan County


  Rape flowers along the river along with ancient buildings side by side show the charms like travelling back in ancient China. Xianzhou Ancient Street has the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties.


  Recommded route: Nanyue highway,No.035 Road


  Shuangfeng County of Loudi City


  The county has 4 thousand-acre rapeseed bases in Shexingshan Town, Huamen Town, Suoshi Town and Shiniu Town. The performance for traditional farming will be shown during the Spring.


  Recommded route: Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, No. 210 Provincial Highway to Shexingshan Town, Shiniu Town, Suoshi town, Huamen Town.


  Anren County: Rice Paddy Field Park


  The park combines the elements of the rice paddy fields with the beautiful views of Yongle River, Shennong Scenic Area and Xiongfengshan National Forest Park, Anren County of Chenzhou City. Its harmonious view is like a fairyland.


  Recommded route: Hengyang-Yanling highway, No. 212 Provincial Highway


  Zixing City: Liaojiang Town


  Golden flowers with bees and butterflies form a unique agro-ecological landscape in Liaojiagn Town, Zixing City.


  Recommded route: Beijing-Zhuhai Highway, along the Industrial Avenue into Zijiang Road, through Zixing City, turning left along No.213 Highway to Liaojiang Town