Knowing All about Hunan

Hunan maps out a detailed plan for 2018

Updated:2018-03-06 11:03:03

More prosperous Hunan in 2018
Seven action plans to help the impoverished households rid poverty:
  • Developing distinctive local businesses to increase farmers’ income;
  • Increasing domestic and overseas export of labor;
  • Relocating the poor;
  • Bettering ecological protection;
  • Improving education;
  • Providing medical insurance and assistance;
  • Guaranteeing basic living standard for people unable to work.
Two programs to enhance economic growth:
  • Cultivating 100 leading service firms
  • Promoting 100 key projects
One zone, three valleys, and several industrial parks to build Hunan into an innovation highland:
  • One zone refers to Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan National Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Zone;
  • Three valleys of “Innovation Valley”, “Power Valley”, and “Intelligent Manufacturing Valley” will be built with national high-tech zones in Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan cities as core areas;
  • Several industrial parks will be constructed.
Initiating 100-day Plan to attract innovative talents:

Introducing the Thousand Talents Program and getting qualified talents selected annually.

Two rights mortgage to speed up rural reform:

Famers can mortgage their contracted land use rights and housing property rights.

Six action plans for private investment to stimulate market vitality:
  • Expanding market access to private investment;
  • Implementing reforms of streamlining administration, delegating powers, and improving regulation and services to promote private investment;
  • Improving financial services to facilitate private investment;
  • Cutting fees and relieving burden on businesses to boost private investment;
  • Conducting inspections and supervisions on the implementation of policies related to encourage private investment.
More beautiful Hunan in 2018
Five campaigns to improve Dongting Lake water environment:
  • Dredging and increasing water storage in the canals, ditches, and reservoirs in Dongting Lake Area;
  • Renovating the livestock polluted areas;
  • Tearing down fishing seines in rivers and lakes;
  • Cleaning trash in and along rivers and lakes;
  • Making province-wide assessment of main industrial pollution sources.
Beautiful countryside initiative:

Three-year action plan on rebuilding rural houses, and improving rural living environment.

Charming city initiative:

Implementing ecological restoration and urban repair in cities.

Enhancing ecological civilization:
  • Scientifically delimiting urban space, agricultural space, and ecological space; and drawing ecological red line, permanent basic farmland, and urban development boundary .
Happier Hunan in 2018
  • Lotus Schools for poor students

    To build a batch of Lotus (representing Hunan) Primary and Middle Schools in contiguous areas of extreme poverty and national poor counties.

  • Improving poverty alleviation quality

    To ensure the poverty-stricken people to have enough to eat and wear, and to enjoy compulsory education, health service and housing.

  • Managing the major hidden dangers with “One List and Four Systems” to safeguard public security:

    A list of major hidden dangers;

    Four systems of responsibility designation, record keeping, record cancelling, and truthfully report.

  • To accelerate government self-targeted reform of streamlining administration and delegating power

    Boosting random inspections of businesses by randomly selected law enforcement officers or inspectors, and the prompt release of results.

  • “Sharp Eyes Project” to enhance public security

    To cover key public areas with video surveillance and share the surveillance information.

  • To streamline invoice process to cut people’s medicine costs