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Hunan Sets 2018 Tourism Targets

Updated:2018-03-12 11:04:03

  The 2018 Hunan Tourism Work Conference was held in Changsha on March 5. It announced the targets for 2018: domestic and overseas trips are expected to increase 12% over last year to 749 million, with a projected revenue of 800 billion CNY and a 12.5% increase. Inbound trips will rise 10% to 3.55 million, generating foreign exchange earnings of 1.44 billion USD and an 11% increase.

  The key tasks for 2018 in the tourism sector are:

  strengthen overall coordination, accelerate reform and innovation, and improve policy measures;

  intensify regional tourism cooperation in Hunan, promote inter-provincial tourism cooperation, and accelerate international tourism cooperation;

  promote major tourism projects, develop high-quality tourist destinations and travel routes, speed up tourism equipment manufacturing industry development, and improve public service system for all-for-one tourism;

  foster a number of ‘red’ (revolutionary) education bases, carry out innovative ‘red’ tourism promotion activities, and cultivate talented personnel to promote ‘red’ tourism.

  promote targeted poverty alleviation through rural tourism, implement rural tourism-themed maker action plan, and organize rural tourism festivals.

  improve and integrate marketing mechanisms, implement precision marketing, organized innovative tourism fe stivals, and build publicity platforms.

  cultivate tourism-oriented brand enterprises, and build platforms for tourism investment and financing; and,

  strengthen law-based administrative supervision and inspection, enhance comprehensive supervision over tourism market, promote civilized tourism, intensify tourism security, and increase the role of tourism associations.