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Smart retail in some supermarkets, Changsha

Updated:2018-04-23 17:10:47

Customers may use their smart phones for the self-service payment inside the supermarkets.

The young are interested in smart retail.

  Supermarkets in Changsha as Better Life, Rainbow, Lotus and Joindoor use different technologies and various innovations to make retail payments and parking service easier.

The picture shows mobile Apps for different supermarkets.

Better Life Supermarket in Meixi Lake a smart retail supermarket debuted on April 12, 2018.

Self-service payment by smart phone makes shopping easier.

The picture shows facial recolonization for payment process.

  Customers may download Better Buy App through scanning Wechat QR code. The smart retailing provides online payment for purchasing and parking, with discount coupons and receipts. It also provides a map for the supermarket and delivering service. Facial recognition payment is becoming the mainstream for the easier purchasing process than the online payment through smart phone.