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Prefabricated construction, another global business card of Hunan province

Updated:2018-05-10 11:32:29

装配式建筑已成为继超级稻、超级计算机、超高速轨道交通后又一张享誉全球的“湖南名片”。In addition to super rice, super computer and super-speed rail transit, prefabricated construction has become another business card of Hunan province.


  Compared with traditional construction mode, prefabricated building has the following features: faster construction speed, controllable construction quality, less energy consumption, smaller noise and less pollution.


  New village villas of energy conservation andenvironmental protection are constructed by CMIG Drawin located in Changsha Jinxia Economic Development Zone. A decorated villa just needs construction period of one month or about.


  Student dormitory of Xiangya School, Central South University has been put into use recently. It is the first EMPC project in Hunan province. This project’s standard floor is completed for five days.


  CMIG Drawin’s prefabricated building technology has been exported overseas. CMIG Drawin has established cooperative relationship with 12 countries along the Belt and Road.


  CMIG Drawin’s first security housing in Africa.


  CMIG Drawin’s global business distribution.