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Farmers in Guidong to Expect a Bumper Harvest of Rapeseed

Updated:2018-05-14 09:57:24

The aerial photo taken on May 8, shows a panorama of cole flower fields, located in Jiaolong Village, Datang Town, Guidong County, Chenzhou City. The mountains, waters, woods, residential buildings and the fields altogether have formed a colorful and grand spectacle. The golden view of the fields indicates a bumper harvest to be achieved in the early summer.

  In order to encourage more harvests got from cole flower plantation, Guidong County has adopted the model of practising unified sowing on unified cultivated land through unified management. A total of 50,000 mu (about 3,333 ha.) of land which hasn’t been used during winter time has been covered by cole flowers. A bumper harvest of rapeseed is expected soon.