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6th China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Expo kicks off in Chenzhou

Updated:2018-05-20 11:34:30

  双语丨相约郴州第六届矿博会——神奇的矿晶 珍稀的车轮矿

  The 6th China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Expo kicks off in Chenzhou

  5月18日上午,第六届中国(湖南)国际矿物宝石博览会(以下简称矿博会)在湖南郴州盛大开幕,这场以“神奇的矿晶,珍稀的车轮矿”为主题的亚洲最大的矿物宝石专业展会,吸引了来自法国、英国、意大利、德国、比利时、巴西等50多个国家的 1000 余家顶级矿物珠宝公司参展。

  On May 18, the 6th China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Expo(CMGE) kicked off in Chenzhou city, themed with Magic Mineral Crystal & Rare Bournonite. As the largest mineral and gem show in Asia, CMGE has attracted over 1,000 top mineral and gem companies from more than 50 countries such as France, the UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, etc.


  CMGS will conclude on May 22. On the opening ceremony, Chenzhou Municipal Government signed 15 major projects with the total investment of 4,700 million yuan in artificial intelligence, cultural tourism, environmental protection, new materials, new energy, etc. Chenzhou Municipal Government also signed 8 strategic cooperation agreements amounting to 55 billion yuan.

“镇展之宝”恐龙木乃伊化石(Dinosaur mummy fossil)。

产自郴州瑶岗仙的珍稀车轮矿(Rare bournonite produced from Yaogangxian, Chenzhou)。

顶级菱锰矿“中国皇帝”(资料图))(Top-quality rhodochrosite)。

“外星人头”紫水晶宝石(Amethystine gem like the alien head)。


祖母绿 (emerald)。