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Ghost flower discovered again in Hunan province

Updated:2018-05-25 10:11:26


  Ghost flower discovered again in Hunan province


  Monotropa uniflora is neither orchid nor mushroom species, but pyrolaceae. Due to its colors and appearance, the flower has been given the moniker ghost plant or corpse plant. More special than its look, the ghostflower does not depend on sunlight to grow but can live in dark environments or even on the floor of a dense forest.


  The elusive plant frequently features in Chinese martialarts novels, in which it typically possesses extraordinary powers. Rumor has it that the flower has the power of life in its petals - it can bring the dead back from the grave or kill people off. Actually, the ghost flower is a mild plant that can treat chronic cough.


  The rarely-seen ghost flower needs a very demanding condition. There are 5 kinds of the plant discovered in the world, and two kinds grow in China. The plant likes growing at the altitude of 800m~3000m in the cold and damp mixed coniferous broad leaved forest.


  The best season to watch the ghost flower is around mid-April in the south China, and around the later time in the north China. Otherwise you will miss its clear transparent and dreamy beauty.


  The ghost plant’s whole life just lasts for several months. It can survive only in well-preserved nature. The ghost plant discovered in Hunan time and again also witnesses well-conditioned ecology of Hunan.

2018年4月,郴州桂东县东边山无名山场发现水晶兰,对研究湘南物种很有科学价值。(邓仁湘 摄)

  In April 2018, the ghost plant was discovered in Guidong county, Chenzhou, Hunan.

2017年5月,怀化沅陵县齐眉界国家森林公园多处发现水晶兰的消息刷爆朋友圈。(齐眉界风光 资料图)

  In May 2017, the ghost plant was discovered in Qimeijie National Forest Park, Yuanling county, Huaihua, Hunan.

2015年4月,株洲炎陵县桃源洞国家自然保护区发现水晶兰,填补了长株潭植物界一项空白。(桃源洞风光 资料图)

  In April 2015, the ghost plant was discovered in Taoyuan Cave National Nature Reserve, Yanling county, Zhuzhou, Hunan.

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