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Hot Pepper Festival kicks off in Tanhe Ancient Town

Updated:2018-07-09 11:09:53

  Tourists in Ningxiang, Hunan: Pepper-eating Contest in a pool filled with 3 tons of peppers

During July 8-August 31, Hot Pepper Festival kicks off in Tanhe Ancient Town, Ningxiang city, Hunan province, China.

In the Pepper-eating Contest, 10 tourists contest a 24K pure gold coin by eating 50 hot peppers in a huge pool (Length30m X Width15m). The sooner, the winner.

On July 8, the winner finished 50 hot peppers in 1 minute and 8 seconds. The contest intends to show hot and passionate characters of Hunan people.

Besides the daily pepper-eating contest, there are water-sprinkling, carnival parade, the song-dance performance about history and culture of the Western Zhou Dynasty and other Zhou Dynasty themed activities.

  Link: 炭河古城辣椒节启幕 游客泡辣椒池狂吃辣椒