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Chinese traditional medicine in Pakistan

Updated:2018-07-11 11:19:57

Inauguration ceremony of clinical trials on Yinhuang Qingfei Capsules in Pakistan July 7.

the medicine is helpful for lung heat syndromes, such as yellow phlegm, viscousphlegm, chronic cough, chest congestion, asthma, etc.

  The Sino-Pakistan Research Center ontraditional Chinese medicine and the folk medicine of ethnic minorities has been established in Pakistan, jointly built by Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China) and University of Karachi (Pakistan) in February 2017. Now the first Chinese patent medicine Yinhuang Qingfei Capsules starts clinical trials in the Sino-Pakistan Research Center.

  Link: 湖南中医药走进巴基斯坦 安邦首个海外中成药临床试验研究启动