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Economic and Trade Promotion Week Opens

Updated:2018-07-25 17:25:39

The 2018 Hunan-Yangtze River Delta Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Week (“Conference”) opens today. It is being held in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Kunshan from today to July 27 simultaneously.

  This “Conference” has a “1+N” form. The “1” means that the Changsha Government and the Provincial Department of Commerce jointly organize a “Hunan Cross-border E-commerce Cooperation Matchmaking Meeting”. This will be held in Hangzhou on July 26. Changsha will focus on three major cross-border e-commerce key parks and projects, such as: 1. the High-tech Zone; 2. the Huanghua Comprehensive Bonded Zone; and, 3. the Jinxia Bonded and Logistics Center. “N” refers to: 1. the New Materials Special Investment Conference held by Ningxiang city's Economic Development Zone in Ningbo 2. Tianxin District Investment Promotion Forum; 3. Talkfest on the Yuelu Mountain National University Science and Technology Town; 4.“One Master and One Special " Industry Chain Investment Promotion Conference in key Yuhua District areas; and, 5. Investment Promotion Conference of Longping High-Tech Park, the China’s Seed Industry Silicon Valley in Shanghai. Changsha City leaders will visit famous multinational corporations and well-known enterprises, carry out targeted small-scale investment promotions, and guide and organize various districts, cities, and parks to implement special investment promotion activities and small-scale investment promotion activities.

  The biennial "Conference" is an important opportunity to promote a deeper integration of Changsha's superior resources and the Yangtze River Delta's advantageous industries, and accelerate its integration into the Yangtze River Economic Belt. (Photo/Zou Lin)