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Hunan Department of Commerce Cooperates with Jingdong to Promote Time-honored Brands

Updated:2018-08-02 09:51:04

  On July 30, the launch ceremony for the “Jingdong-Hunan Time-honored Brand Flagship Store” was held in Changsha. At the ceremony, the Hunan Province Department of Commerce and Jingdong signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Eleven other time-honored brands, including Jiuzhitang, Yichang Food, Yongtaifu Tea and Quyuan Wine, were involved.

  A “time-honored brand” is a brand of products, skills or services that have been passed down from generation to generation. They feature a distinct national traditional cultural background and profound cultural heritage which has won wide recognition from society and establish a good reputation.

  At the ceremony, three China time-honored brands: Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd., Hunan Embroidery Research Institute; and Yuanjiang Yichang Food Co., Ltd.; and eight Hunan time-honored brands, including Anhua County Yongtaifu Tea Co.; Ltd. and Hunan Quyuan Wine Co., Ltd., were recognized in the “Jingdong-Hunan Time-honored Brand Flagship Store”. It includes 85 products, in such fields as medicine, health care, food, alcohol, and handicrafts products of Jiuzhitang and Jincaixia Hunan Embroidery, local delicacies such as Yichang Maxiang rolls, Ma Fusheng sesame root, green pine eggs, and Bee Brothers Honey, as well as Xiangyi Tea, Yongtaifu Dark Tea, and Quyuan wine and elapidae wine which possess unique Hunan cultural characteristics are also included.

  At the ceremony, the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province and Jingdong signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Promote the Construction of the Jingdong-Hunan Time-honored Brand Flagship Store". This will vigorously promote time-honored enterprises to strengthen cooperation with JDcom and cooperate in online and offline marketing activities. It will also provide technological, operational, logistical, and support services to assist them to increase domestic and international sales of Hunan's time-honored brands, and inject new momentum into the development of the time-honored brands in Hunan Province.